Trust and estate litigation


Trust And Estate Litigation

Our Trust and Estate Litigation attorneys represent plaintiffs, defendants and non-parties in all kinds of controversies involving wills, guardianships, trusts and estates. Some are will and trust contests, where a final will or trust is challenged on the grounds that the decedent lacked mental capacity or was unduly influenced. Others are claims for breach of fiduciary duty, demands for reformation of wills and trusts and improper use of powers of attorney. Our team handles almost any kind of dispute involving personal representatives, powers of attorney, trustees, beneficiaries, heirs, conservators, guardians, and trust companies.

Our practice includes the following areas:

  • Will or Trust Contests
  • Trust and Will Construction and Interpretation
  • Trust Reformation
  • Accounting Actions
  • Actions to Remove a Fiduciary Surcharge Actions
  • Probate and Trust Appeals

Please contact the following attorney(s) for assistance in this area:

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