Probate Law


Probate Law

Probate is the administration of the estate of a decedent under the decedent’s will. A personal representative must be appointed by the court to gather and protect the assets, notify and pay creditors and distribute the estate in accordance with the terms of the will. Care must be taken to preserve tax planning which has been put in place, to file all required tax returns and to change title to assets correctly. It may also be necessary to probate the estate of a decedent who died without a will. The beneficiaries are then determined by the laws of intestacy. Dell Salter can help in all these areas.

When a loved one passes away, there is often the need to legally transfer ownership of his or her assets to the persons designated in a will or under the laws of Florida. The attorneys at Dell Salter, P.A. can guide you through the process to settle the estates of your loved ones in a timely manner. Probate need not be the time-consuming, expensive process that many people believe it to be. We pride ourselves in handling probate matters as expeditiously as possible. But when a complicated matter arises, we can provide aggressive representation to make sure the intentions of the departed are carried out. We take into consideration the unique circumstances that surround each estate. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation.

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