Criminal Defense


Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense lawyers represent individuals and companies in state and federal investigations and court cases locally and statewide.

Modern criminal codes present an ever-changing and broadening variety of offenses, from felony crimes with significant potential penalties that threaten liberty and property, to offenses that may not result in incarceration but may still affect the future of an individual or business. See Asset Forfeiture and Financial Penalties.

Our philosophy at Dell Salter is to employ a defense team that works together to properly advise our clients and help them make fully informed and strategically sound legal decisions. Our team, including Jennifer Cates Lester and Brad Willard, is devoted to obtaining the best result possible in the criminal justice system, be it through negotiation, trial, or appeal.

Criminal investigations, from a police investigator’s questioning to a grand jury subpoena or other method of investigation, often precede final decision-making by prosecutors on whether to criminally prosecute, and if so, what charges to file. Clients need counsel to preserve important privileges and properly respond to any form of investigation or inquiry.

Should litigation be required, our team has seasoned trial counsel who have litigated successfully in both jury and non-jury trials and on appeal. We are prepared to represent you in the courtroom.

Whatever the criminal matter, our defense team will work diligently to help navigate you, with courtesy and creativity, through the criminal justice system. A successful outcome is not just a favorable resolution of the investigation or charge. It also includes careful consideration of the collateral consequences that an individual or corporate client may later encounter.

Many non-felony offenses, such as alcohol or substance-use charges, are strictly enforced by local, state or federal law enforcement agencies. There are few ”minor” offenses. A publicly-available electronic record of arrest, prosecution or conviction for any criminal offense can have immediate and long-term consequences to a client’s private or public education, present and future employment, professional or business licensing, government funding entitlements, and other personal and career opportunities.

We assist clients with any available remedies to seal or expunge criminal history records. We help our clients prepare an explanation of the circumstances of an investigation, arrest or criminal prosecution to employers, licensing agencies, academic institutions, regulatory agencies and others. Criminal matters sometimes create professional and business licensing issues, which we help clients defend. See Professional Licensing and Career. This aspect of criminal practice is very important to a successful outcome and requires careful planning with the client from the first day of representation.

Whether it be criminal investigation, charges or their consequences, the criminal defense team at Dell Salter pledges preparation, perseverance, and professionalism.

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