Attorney James Bush Published in Clinical Research Journal on Data Privacy in Health Research


James Bush’s article, An Overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) for Clinical Research Organizations, has been published in the November 2018 edition of the SOCRA Source journal. With the implementation of the GDPR in 2018, James has advised U.S.-based healthcare organizations and researchers with efforts to secure compliance with the new data privacy law. He noted, “With the growth of international multi-center clinical research studies, U.S.-based research organizations and investigators will now be governed by the GDPR…The goal of the paper is to provide a regulatory overview of the law and its effect on clinical research in order to enhance the competency of investigators, project managers, and decision-makers involved in such clinical research.” More information about the publication is available at SOCRA Source.

In addition to data privacy matters, James advises clinicians, researchers, and healthcare organizations as a member of the firm’s Health Law and Litigation practice groups. He is licensed in Florida and Washington.

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