Why Florida Physician Groups Should seek A Florida Attorney Specializing in Healthcare


The U.S. and Florida’s Health Care Laws are constantly in flux. Charles Koval from Dell Graham talks about those changes that have occurred so far and why it is necessary if you are a physician seeking services, that you seek a Florida attorney specializing in Healthcare Law.


The only thing constant about healthcare is, it’s constantly changing. I started in this in 1985, basically, and it seems like about every 18 to 24 months something new and very dramatic comes about, whether it’s a change in the way Medicare reimburses, or Medicaid, the Stark Laws, the fraud and abuse laws, HIPAA, high tech, and now you have the Accountable Care organizations under PPACA. It’s always changing. It’s always in flux and that’s part of what makes it so interesting. There is always something new to learn and to help people deal with.