What the firm and John bring to Medical Malpractice that is special


John Jopling, Medical Malpractice Attorney from Dell Graham discusses what both he and the firm bring to the area of Medical Malpractice that is unique. If  you are a physician and are in need of assistance with a Medical Malpractice issue please call (352) 372.4381 or visit our site for more information.



I think we have always had a very clear vision about exactly who it is we represent and the interest that we represent there. The type of work that we do is sometimes called a tripartite relationship. It involves most of the time an insurance company that the physician has paid premiums to to provide coverage. That insurance company typically is one that selects a lawyer, but the lawyer’s client is not the insurance company. The lawyer’s client is the physician that’s being sued.

That’s a distinction that has never been lost on us. It’s one that everyone theoretically knows, but sometimes below the lines get blurred. We don’t let those lines be blurred here. When we are retained in a case, we’re there to represent the physicians being sued. I think that physicians appreciate that.

One of the first things we do in every case is we get a call about a case, usually within a matter of two or three days at most. If the physician is available, we’ll go to them and sit down in their offices and get to know them. Talk to them about the case. Talk to them about their concerns, and not just the medical facts of the case, which of course are crucial to know in how we’re going to defend it, but to really try to understand how they feel about the case. How they feel about its emotional impact on them because that’s one of the things that’s different about medical malpractice litigation. It’s enormously impactful.

If you’re driving down University Avenue in Gainesville today and you inadvertently run a red light and hurt someone and you get sued, that’s going to make you uncomfortable. You’re going to have some maybe guilt feelings about it, but it affects you differently than it does to be sued for professional negligence, which goes to the heart of how much we identify ourselves as people. That’s an intensely emotionally impactful situation to be in.

I think that our appreciation for that and our empathetic defense of these physicians is something that helps to set us apart. I don’t mean that all lawyers aren’t caring, but that’s the particular emphasis we have. Frankly, it’s something that we get feedback on from our clients that indicate they detect that we really care and they appreciate that. We get a fair amount of positive feedback on that and it’s something that I think does set us apart.