What are the Concerns About Testing in Florida?


There’s a lot of distrust about Common Core, and that’s a huge hot topic. If you speak to a lot of people in education the idea behind Common Core of let’s have some agreed upon standards of subject areas that we want to make sure is a baseline students understand these days. It’s going to better equip them for the economy that they’re going to be launched into at the end of their educational career, that’s not necessarily a bad topic.

What we have is a lot of specialized interests, industry or software companies, book publishers have woken up to the idea that education is a multi-billion dollar interest. They’re trying to get a slice of that pie by contracts with state government in order to sell them tests that then are administered to the local school districts, that the school districts don’t have the ability to choose between. There’s all these metrics and data that schools are supposed to be collecting, that the state is requiring to collect. At the same time the special interests are looking to make a buck off the public education system.

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