What are Some Ongoing Battles About Education Law in Florida?


I would say that education is probably one of the most highly regulated fields that are out there. People don’t necessarily assume that or understand that, but everybody has an interest in public schools. It’s drawn a lot of interest on the federal level, on the state level, and even local level on how do we reform public schools from an 18th century or 19th century factory model to this 21st century model where we’re trying to deliver education in a unique way and to meet the student’s individual needs and not treating students like they are part of an assembly line that’s going to march and lockstep through a K through 12 education system and beyond. Leveraging technology, trying to deliver that education that’s individualized to the student, but also deliver it in a much more cost-efficient matter, which there’s a lot of pressure on school budgets these days to do that. It creates a ton of challenges and all the while the federal government, state governments want to regulate the way we go about providing those services. Every year there’s new issues that come up, new issues that education law attorneys need to be aware of so they can advise their school district clients.

Government and Education Law