Video Transcription | Bio – Mike Pierce



My name is Michael Pierce. I’m an associate attorney here at Dell Graham and I practice primarily in the areas of civil litigation. It encompasses areas of real property disputes, contract disputes, any sort of civil matter that needs to get resolved via litigation. 50% of my practice is probably plaintiff work and 50% is defense work.

On the defense side of things, I do a lot of work with medical malpractice defense, school board liability issues. On the plaintiff side, I do some commercial litigation, which means helping clients resolve small business disputes, interpreting contracts, landlord tenant issues whether it be on the residential side or the commercial side. I also assist clients with foreclosure issues.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, grew up in a town called Sandwich, which is out on Cape Cod. When it was time to go to college, we made the full move on jumping down to Florida. I moved down to Central Florida and was a trial court staff attorney in Marion County for two circuit court judges.

After I fulfilled my two year commitment there, I moved up to Gainesville and began practicing civil litigation, primarily doing plaintiff’s work. I’ve been here for the last six years, at Dell Graham for the last two years, and have loved it very much. I’ve gotten attached to North Florida and the climate here and the environment. It reminds me a lot of home and that’s where my family and I have been for the last six years.

What I like best about being an attorney and working here at Dell Graham is, obviously, first and foremost, the ability to help individuals and to help small business owners resolve their disputes. I find the most satisfaction assisting clients, resolve their cases short of litigation, but of course, we are always prepared to litigate cases if need be, if that’s going to be the best solution, the best avenue for our clients, but it’s those cases where we are able to swiftly and economically work with the client and resolve a certain dispute or situation that they may have that doesn’t take them through the courthouse, that’s always a positive for the client. I think the client appreciates that.

On the other hand, if a matter needs to be resolved through the courthouse, then I take a lot of pleasure and satisfaction navigating the clients through the courthouse. My experience as a trial court staff attorney in Marion County working for two circuit court judges, I feel, puts me in a unique position to know the inner workings of the court room. I’ve assisted judges with their research and writing so I feel I have that unique perspective when assisting clients through litigation and through the judicial process.