Representing A School District In Florida


Representing A Florida School District

David Delaney, a Florida attorney who represents educators and educational institutions, discusses the unique circumstances in representing a school district. He also explains how his experience as an attorney, and his wife’s experience as a teacher, assist the firm in handling these types of cases.

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“It’s interesting, I’ve got a long history with public schools. I came up through the public school system, big believer in education. That’s a big driver of the economy in north-central Florida with the attachment of the University of Florida here, the state colleges like Santa Fe and Lake City in central Florida. My wife is a public school teacher. I live and breathe these issues every day and there’s a lot of competing responsibilities placed on school districts these days.

There is federal and state level mandates, things that school districts need to comply with. That can be very difficult when you’ve got a limited budget and all of these competing obligations to deal with. It’s also very exciting for me, in my practice, to not only litigate cases where a dispute has arisen or something has occurred which has got the parties into court, but now I have the role of advising school districts before they get into trouble, before somebody gets to the point of filing a lawsuit, and helping them navigate the federal obligations, the state obligations to get to the safest result and helps the district accomplish what their goals are.”