How related entities can use Charles’ attorney services


Charles Koval from Dell Graham discusses how prospective clients can utilize his services.


An example of how related entities now could use my services and they’ve got to talk to somebody because this is important. You’ve probably heard of HIPAA. It’s the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It has many provisions that relate to privacy of information and a lot of the folks, like this medical equipment company, are what’s called business associates. They provide services for a healthcare provider like a hospital.

The HIPAA laws used to apply just to the providers themselves. They are called Covered Entities under the statute. The business associates had some obligations but not so much. A recent amendment to what’s called the high-tech regs now imposes upon those business associates the same requirements that covered entities have. They’ve got to be able to prove how they protect information. They’ve got to be able to show that if there is a breach from their side of things, of patient information, that they take necessary steps to comply with the regulations, including notifying the parties whose information was disclosed and things like that. It’s relatively detailed and it’s important for them to understand and be prepared for that because their failure to comply with those regulations can have very steep penalties.