Physicians deciding to build their own practices


Charles Koval, Health Care Attorney from Dell Graham talks about how Dell Graham can assist Physicians with building their own practices. If you are a physician and are considering opening a new healthcare practice and are in in need of assistance please call (352) 372.4381 or visit our site for more information.


Leaving their residency program. The first time they could use my services would be in reviewing the agreement they’re going to enter into with their new practice. Most folks don’t usually start their own practice directly out of residency. They’re going to join a group. Kind of learn how to be a doctor now that they’re trained to be one. I could help them with that employment agreement.

Similarly, I can help existing practices with their side of that same agreement when they’re trying to bring new partners or new employees in. If someone works to start the practice on their own, I would help them establish the necessary legal entity, their professional association. I can help them understand what insurances they’re required to have. I’m very capable and comfortable in dealing with them on managed care contracting. Very few people pay out of pocket for their medical care services. Almost everyone, a vast majority of people get their medical care provided through some type of insurance.

Well, that insurance company has to go around and contract with providers, and I’m very comfortable and well-experienced in dealing with those types of agreements. Similarly, the lease of space. You got to have a place to provide your services. I’m very comfortable dealing with commercial leases, equipment leases, software agreements for the physicians and their practice that they want to bring in, Medical Manager or some other type of software program. Day to day operational issues. I have pretty good experience in Human Resources as well. Employment issues. How do they want to structure their relationships with their coworkers, whatever they might be, partners or just employees.

When things go bad, that’s when you call and find out what I am able to help them with. Contractual issues. Also consent issues is another area I’m very familiar with. How does a physician deal with either an incapacitated patient or what documentation might that physician need to have in his file to evidence the fact that he spoke to the right person in getting consent to treat a given individual.