John D. Jopling Dicusses the Specialization of Attorneys | Gainesville Attorney


John D. Jopling discusses what it takes to become a specialist in Florida, and what is the benefit of having an attorney who is a specialist.

John D. Jopling: “The Florida Bar doesn’t allow you to call yourself a specialist without board certification, so it’s being done properly if the lawyer says they’re specialized, it should mean that they have been in the field a length of time, taken this exam, and been recognized by their peers as somebody that is truly qualified to practice in that narrow area of the law. That’s particularly important as the law has become more of a specialty field. Back in the day when my dad was a small town lawyer, lawyers hung up a shingle and they did it all. They wrote wills for their neighbors and helped folks get divorces when they needed it and went to trial with them when they needed that. That doesn’t happen much anymore, and it’s partly because the law has become so complex that…books in this room that we don’t look at anymore because we use the computer.

The multiplication of the laws has become complex enough that almost everyone is specialized and the board certifications are a recognition of the knowledge in those special areas of the law.”