Gainesville Attorneys Offering Their Services To Physicians


Attorneys In Florida Help Physicians

David Delaney, a Florida attorney who represents physicians, talks about how the Dell Graham firm can help physicians who are in need of legal help.

Attorneys You Can Count On

If you need legal help, you can call (352) 372.4381 and speak with an attorney at Dell Graham.


One of the exciting things that we’re doing here, at Dell Graham, is that we’re able to provide a full range of legal services to physicians, anything from setting up their practice to dealing with tax issues and, if it comes up, to addressing litigation issues that they might have here. We’ve got a board certified health attorney in Chip Koval. We’ve got an attorney, Ellen Gershow, who has her LLM from one of the best programs in the nation, who can advise them on tax issues. We’ve got some really good trial lawyers, if they have a dispute in their business arrangements, of if they, unfortunately, have a medical malpractice claim that’s brought against them.

Whatever legal issues they may be dealing with, Dell Graham is well suited to address those needs.