Florida Attorneys Understanding And Defending Physicians


Attorneys Understanding And Defending Physicians

David Delaney, a Florida attorney who represents physicians, discusses what the Dell Graham law firm does to better understand the physicians they defend. When a doctor’s practice is called into question, many questions and fears might arise — it’s important to have an attorney that cares about you and your practice.

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“One of the first things I keep in mind is that, it can be the most trying time that a professional doctor or some health care provider has ever experienced. Their care is being directly called into question despite their best efforts for a patient. We understand that despite the best efforts, patients don’t always get well.

That’s a discussion that I usually have with the physician that I’m representing or the health care provider very early on in the case. We work through those issues so they can then focus on the medical facts and they can teach me so that I, in turn, can explain it to a jury or whoever might be looking at this case and understand how we, perhaps, had a bad outcome but that wasn’t at all related to any substandard care by the physician.”