Dell Graham Attorneys Jamie White and David Delaney Prevail on Summary Judgement in Federal Court for the Alachua County School Board


The Northern District of Florida recently granted summary judgment in favor of the School Board of Alachua County.  In Whetstone v. School Board of Alachua County, Plaintiff sued the School Board, alleging that she was discriminated against on the basis of race in her decision to voluntarily retire from the School Board after she violated a school board policy by passing another school bus that was unloading students in front of her bus.  After previously prevailing on a motion to dismiss, dismissing all issues in this case except whether Plaintiff was discriminated against on the basis of race, the summary judgment motion followed.

Attorneys Jamie White and David Delaney, on behalf of the School Board, argued that Plaintiff’s decision to retire was voluntary, because she signed numerous forms on several different days to facilitate and finalize her retirement.  Relying on Dell Graham’s Motion for Summary Judgment, the Northern District of Florida ruled in favor of the School Board, and dismissed Plaintiff’s race discrimination claim with prejudice.

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