Dell Graham Attorney Jamie White Wins in the First District on Behalf of OB/GYN


Florida’s First District Court of Appeal recently affirmed a ruling by a trial court judge in favor of an OB/GYN and his practice.  Plaintiffs sued the doctor and others, alleging that the doctor committed medical negligence.  After more than a two week trial, the jury entered a verdict finding in favor of the doctor.  After trial, Plaintiffs asked the Court for a new trial, claiming that the Court made various errors throughout the trial proceedings.  The trial court denied the request for a new trial and Plaintiffs appealed to the First District Court of Appeal.

On appeal, Jamie White argued that there were no errors at trial by the judge or otherwise that would entitle Plaintiffs to a new trial.  After denying the parties request for oral argument and relying on Jamie White’s brief, the First District entered its opinion, affirming the trial court’s order and judgement.

This appeal marks Jamie’s fifth straight appellate win in just over one year.