Dell Graham Attorney Jamie White Prevails in Front of the Fifth District on Behalf of Radiologist


Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal recently affirmed a ruling by a trial court judge in favor of a radiologist and his practice.  Plaintiffs sued the radiologist, alleging that he needed to call the Plaintiff’s primary care physician regarding his radiology findings and not just submit his radiology report to the primary care physician.  The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of the radiologist and Plaintiffs appealed.

Attorney Jamie White, on behalf of the radiologist argued that whether he submitted his radiology report to the primary care physician or made a phone call in addition to submitting his report made no difference in the outcome, because there was no dispute that the primary care physician received the radiology report, understood the significance of the report, and attempted to contact the patient.  Arguing before the Fifth District, Ms. White responded to the Court’s questions and concerns.  Relying on Ms. White’s oral argument and her brief, the Fifth District ruled in favor of the radiologist and affirmed the trial court’s grant of summary judgment.

Dell Graham attorney Jamie White represents doctors, business, and other institutions in both federal and state court appeals.  This win marks Jamie’s fourth appellate win in just over a year.