How Can I Make Sure My Office is HIPAA Compliant?


Dell Graham attorney, Chip Koval, talks about the some of the recent changes you need to know of to be HIPAA compliant in Gainesville, Florida. If you need assistance in making sure your practice is complaint contact the skilled lawyers at Dell Graham today.

Chip Koval: “One of the more prevalent ‘buzzwords,’ if you will, in health law for the last 8 to 10 years has been compliance. What does compliance mean? It can be across the board from billing compliance to are you compliant with the Medicare/Medicaid requirements for how you’re submitting your bills? But, HIPAA is another area where you have to be sure to remain current with whatever those requirements are.

There was a significant change to the HIPAA requirements within the last few months that now business associates can have the same level of liability that the primary covered entity used to be exposed to. Not only is that important for the business associates to make sure that they understand that and are protecting themselves appropriately and being sure to comply with those requirements, but it’s also important for the covered entity to revise its business associate agreements to make sure it reflects the current requirements. So, as far as reviewing policies, reviewing existing business associate agreements, reviewing policies and procedures as to how your entity protects PHI, those are all things I’m quite familiar with and capable of doing and ensuring that they meet the requirements of the high-tech and other HIPAA related regulations.”