Attorneys David Delaney and Jamie White Argue on Behalf of the School Board


The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed a ruling by a federal district court judge in favor of the School Board of Alachua County. In Cook, et al. v. School Board of Alachua County, et al., Plaintiffs sued the School Board based on the evaluation procedures of teachers under the Student Success Act passed by the Florida legislature. The district court granted summary judgment in favor of the School Board, and Plaintiffs appealed.

Attorneys David Delaney and Jamie White, on behalf of the School Board, argued that the teacher evaluation procedures were in line with the legislature’s requirements. Arguing before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Mr. Delaney responded to the court’s questions and concerns. Relying on Mr. Delaney’s oral argument and the School Board’s brief written by Mrs. White, the Eleventh Circuit ruled in favor of the School Board.

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